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Please submit a separate form for each mutation submitted.

Complete all the blanks below and submit your entry by pushing the "Submit Form" entry button. For selection of the gene, click and hold on the rectangular box labeled 'tyrosinase' to see the complete menu of choices and select the most appropriate category by dragging to that item and releasing. Use the TAB key to move from item to item for entry.Not all web browsers will support forms. If you do not have a web browser that supports forms, please e-mail Bill Oetting at, and an e-mail form will be sent to you for your submissions.

After submission, you should receive a reply via e-mail that your information has been received. If you do not receive such notification within one week, please contact Bill Oetting via e-mail at this link or by Phone at (612) 624-1139 or FAX at (612) 624-6645.

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Thank you for contributing your entry to the
Albinism Database. Your entry should be posted on the Internet within the next several working days. Please let us know if there are any errors in your entry so that we can correct them.

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