OA1 Gene Mutations Associated with Ocular Albinism type 1

Map of OA1 Gene Mutations Associated with Ocular Albinism

Location of mutations of the OA1 gene associated with X-linked ocular albinism type 1. The red rectangular box represents the coding sequence of the OA1 gene. The orange boxes represent the location of transmembrane regions of the protein and the black dot represents the N-glycosylation site. Codon and nucleotide numbering is based on a 404 amino acid protein. Top, missense mutations; bottom, nonsense, frameshift and splice-site mutations.

GenBank accession (Z48804)

References on gene structure:

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Schiaffino, M. V., Bassi, M. T., Balli, L., Renieri, A., Bruttini, M., De Nigris, F., Bergen, A. A. B., Charles, S. J., Yates, J. R. W., Meindl, A., Lewis, R. A., King, R. A., Ballabio, A. Analysis of the OA1 gene reveals mutations in only one-third of patients with X-linked ocular albinism. Human Molecular Genetics 4: 2319-2325, 1995. [Link to article (PubMed)]

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