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As one of the initiatives of the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS), a Committee was established to collect data on resources available to the pigment cell community; that Committee includes a member from each constituent Society of the IFPCS and consists of Patrick A Riley (chair), William Oetting and Hiroaki Yamamoto. The InterPig DataBase is available to all researchers, especially to members of constituent Societies of the IFPCS.

InterPig DataBase Search Engine

Use the form below to search the IFPCS InterPig Database. This search engine allows you to search for reagents for pigment related research. The reagents can be obtained directly from the source that has submitted that entry. Use keywords that are general for maximum hits, or focused for limited hits. If you do not find what you want, try other keywords. Entering a category as the keyword will retrive all entries in that category.

If you contact an individual to obtain a reagent found in this database, please let that individual know that you obtained your information from the InterPig DataBase.

Search the InterPig Database

Enter a few keywords to search the IFPCS InterPig Database, or read our search tips for help.

Key Categories of the InterPig DataBase

Submit Your Reagents to the InterPig DataBase

If you have reagents or probes you wish to have added to a list on the InterPig DataBase, please follow this link to submit information about your reagents for inclusion in the InterPig DataBase.

Link to the InterPig DataBase submission form.

Murine Coat Color Loci and other Research Resources

This link goes to a table of mouse coat color loci. This table contains all known mouse loci affecting coat color that have been reported to be isolated including the protein function (if known) and the human homologue.

The Albinism Database - Mutations in genes associated with albinism in humans.

Wellcome Trust Functional Genomics Mouse Pigmentary Mutants Repository - a repository for mouse pigmentary mutants under the direction of Dr. Lynn Lamoreux in association with Dr. Jim Womack, Distinguished Professor, and Dr. Richard Ermel, Director of Laboratory Animal Research and Resources, at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Wellcome Trust Functional Genomics Cell Bank - a collection of cultures of cells, in association with Professor Bennett's research group, containing mouse melanocyte and melanoblast lines carrying a variety of single pigmentary mutations. Other cell types include melanoma cell lines, fibroblasts, keratinocytes, mammary epithelial cells and myoblasts, and some human melanocytes.

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For suggestions or to submit entries, please contact Patrick A Riley, Bill Oetting, or Hiroaki Yamamoto.

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