IFPCS Travel Awards to attend the IPCC-2014 in Singapore

IFPCS Travel Awards for attending the IPCC-2014 in Singapore
IFPCS Travel Awards for attending the IPCC-2014 in Singapore

The International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of 20 TRAVEL AWARDS for IFPCS members willing to attend the XXII International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC), to be held in Singapore, on 4-7 September 2014, organized by Dr. Boon Kee Goh.

Willing candidates must be IFPCS members at the time of submitting their applications for these TRAVEL AWARDS. In order to obtain IFPCS membership you should join any of the four regional pigment cell societies, namely: ASPCR, ESPCR, JSPCR, PASPCR. Upon becoming a member of any of them you will gain immediate IFPCS membership benefits.

Each of these 20 IFPCS Travel Awards will consist of a credit of $1000,oo USD to register at the IPCC-2014, and to be used to defray registration, accommodation and/or gala-dinner costs. The remaining outstanding balance will have to be paid directly by the selected candidate to the IPCC-2014 Organizers. The awarded credit will be paid directly from IFPCS to the IPCC-2014 Organizers on behalf of the selected candidate. There will be no direct payment made from IFPCS to selected candidates or their institutions. The selected candidates will have to organize and cover the corresponding flights to attend the IPCC-2014 meeting from their place of origin.

These 20 IFPCS Travel Awards have been possible thanks to the donation of late Prof. Masako Mizoguchi (JSPCR, 10 travel awards) to the IPCC and the IFPCS funds dedicated to travel awards for IFPCS members (10 travel awards).

IFPCS Travel Award applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

Interested IFPCS members are kindly requested to submit the following documents by April 25.  Applications should be sent to: All pplications received will be evaluated by the IFPCS Travel Awards Committee:

  • Mauro Picardo (IFPCS President, Chair)
  • Andrzej Slowinski (PASPCR)
  • Lionel Larue (ESPCR)
  • Takahiro Kunisada (JSPCR)
  • Prasad Kumarasinghe (ASPCR)

Documentation that should be submitted by IFPCS Travel Award Applicants:

  • Brief CV of the candidate
  • PDF copy of the submitted abstract, already registered in the IPCC-2014 abstract system
  • Personal statement indicating why IFPCS should be supporting his/her attendance at the IPCC-2014 meeting in Singapore
  • In addition, for student IFPCS members, a letter of support fromthe corresponding supervisor(s) is required

CRITERIA: IFPCS Travel Award Candidates will be evaluated according to their scientific merit and that of the work presented in the abstract. Applications from both regular and student IFPCS members are welcome. Applications from young members of the laboratories are encouraged, particularly senior PhD students and junior postdocs. Several applications can be presented from the same lab, but additional investigators from the same lab will be considered with lower priority score.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!