Yutaka Mishima

Yutaka Mishima (1929-2016)
Yutaka Mishima (1929-2016)

Dear IFPCS members,

it is with great sadness that I wish to share the following information, kindly transmitted by Prof. Kazumasa Wakamatsu, President of the Japanese Society for Pigment Cell Research (JSPCR):

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of JSPCR members, I am very sad to inform you that Professor Emeritus Yutaka Mishima of Kobe University passed away yesterday. He was 87 years old. He successively held the first president of IFPCS (1990-1993) and also the first president of JSPCR. He made a significant contribution to the society. I would like to say my sincere condolence for his death. It is very sad, but he lived a full and vibrant life indeed.
Best wishes,
Kazumasa Wakamatsu
President of JSPCR

Prof. Yutaka Mishima hosted the International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC) in Kobe (Japan) in 1990 and was also Honorary Member of the European Society for Pigment Cell Research (ESPCR)

May he rest in peace.

Lluis Montoliu
Treasurer and Webmaster of IFPCS, on behalf of the IFPCS Council

Condolences received:


A great loss to Pigment Cell Research. Certainly Dr. Mishima has made impressive contributions to Pigment Cell Research, and to the Federation as well.
My condolences to his family and to members of the JSPCR,
Caroline Le Poole
We are saddened by the news.
Truly a great loss to Pigment Cell Research.
Our heartfelt condolences to the family and members of JSPCR.
Boon Kee Goh
Dear Kazu and rest of colleagues at the JSPCR,
My most sincere condolences to the Japanese Pigment Cell community for this loss.
Yours sincerely
Lluis Montoliu
Dear Kazu and all JSPCR members,
very sad to learn about this. I would like to express my most sincere condolences.  I had occasion to meet professor Mishima during his visit in Naples and appreciated his high interest in science and great energy. Indeed a great loss to all the pigment cell community and our Federation.
Alessandra Napolitano
He made considerable contributions to the pigment cell community. A sad loss indeed
Ian Jackson
All my condolences and sympathies for the japanese and world pigment cell community. Prof. Mishima was really an excepcional and unforgottable person. Full of activity and great scientific leader.
F. Solano, Prof.
University of Murcia
I am saddened to learn of Prof. Mishima’s passing.  I remember him well, from his visit to Prof. King and myself in the USA, and from the IPCC in Kobe.   He will be missed.
With thanks,
Richard A. Spritz, M.D.