IFPCS Travel Awards


Junior members of the JSPCR, ASPCR, ESPCR or PASPCR can apply for a travel stipend provided by IFPCS to attend the 2020 IPCC in Yamagata. Each stipend will have an equivalent value of 750 USD (=79,000 Yen). Up to 26 travel awards will be provided by IFPCS. 

THE FUNDS WILL BE PAID DIRECTLY TO IPCC2020 ORGANIZERS AND WILL BE USED TO CREDIT THE FOLLOWING MEETING COSTS FOR THE SELECTED PARTICIPANTS : Meeting Registration, Gala Dinner, 4-nights accommodation in an economic hotel selected by IPCC2020 Organizers (check-in:  June 17th, 2020; check-out: June 21st, 2020). Note: the awardees will be responsible for any extension, modification, update or change regarding their booking details by contacting directly the selected hotel. No changes will be made through the IPCC2020 Organizers.

You are eligible for a IFPCS Travel Award if you are an effective member at any of the four regional pigment cell societies (ASPCR, ESPCR, JSPCR, PASPCR) and if you are a Student, Postdoc, Resident or Young faculty member (appointed for less than 3 years at the time of this request), and you are submitting an abstract for presentation in person at the IPCC-2020. IFPCS membership will be confirmed.

Extended deadline for submitting IFPCS Travel Awards Application: January 17, 2020
IFPCS Travel Awards Notification: January 31, 2020

The IFPCS Travel Awardees have been announced on February 5, 2020

To apply, please submit by email to the IFPCS Travel Awards Committee at awards@ifpcs.org the following information:

(1) In the subject line type: TRAVEL AWARD APPLICATION
In the body of the message:
Applicant name:
Email address:
Society membership:
Abstract title:
IFPCS Membership number (Your number can be retrieved @ www.ifpcs.org/requestid.php):

and the following as a single attached pdf file:

(2) your CV
(3) a max. 250 word statement of interest
(4) a max 1 page letter of support from the PI or program director and finally
(5) a copy of your abstract

The IFPCS Travel Awards Committee will be composed of: Prashiela Manga (PASPCR, and Chair), Eric Lan (ASPCR), Chikako Nishigori (JSPCR) and Lluis Montoliu (ESPCR)

Here you can view the selected IFPCS Travel Awardees to attend the IPCC2020 meeting in Yamagata.