The IFPCS Special Interest Groups were initiated to foster interactions in specific subfields of pigment cell research. The aim of these groups is to encourage and help interaction and communication among researchers with common specific interests. Some of the groups organize their own meetings or workshops, either in association with the IPCC Congresses or separately. New members are always welcome. Membership is free, although members are encouraged to join an IFPCS Society. To join or enquire about one of these groups, please contact the Chair (click on link from the name of each group).

These chairs will be coordinating the activities of their groups and anyone who wishes to become a member of a group, or provide suggestions and comments to those groups can address them to the relevant chair. This page will be updated periodically to reflect members of these various groups and activities in progress.

Historically, there were additional groups created (Genetics of Pigmentation, Biology of Melanoma, Hypo-Hyper pigmentation, Ocular/Extracutaneous pigmentation, InterPig Database) but currently only the IFPCS Special Interest groups of “Pigment Cell Development” and “Vitiligo” remain active.