The IFPCS web site has gone through a number of revisions. What follows is a summary of the different WEB sites and administrators that have been responsible for this WEB page over the years.

Article about the IFPCS WEB SITE, by Lluis Montoliu, published in PASPCR Newsletter (2009), April, Vol. 17, N. 1

The IFPCS website was inititally a Gopher site for the IFPCS InterPig Database. The IFPCS Gopher site was created on 2/28/94 by Dr. DeWayne Townsend and was a duel Gopher site for both the IFPCS and the PASPCR. This is no longer an active gopher site. This site contained the initial entries of the IFPCS InterPig database. This site also contained information on the PASPCR including the PASPCR by-laws and early editions of the PASPCR newsletter.

The first IFPCS website was created on 12/95 by Bill Oetting. The address for this site was http://lenti.med.umn.edu/paspcr/ifpcs.html. This URL is no longer active.

The web page was moved on 5/99 to http://www.cbc.umn.edu/paspcr/ifpcs.html due to a change in the web page server. This address was a forwarding page from 8/99 until 4/5/04 but is now no longer active.

The IFPCS web site was moved to http://www.cbc.umn.edu/ifpcs on 8/99. This URL is now a forwarding page.

The domain name ifpcs.info was obtained on 7/13/02.

Web forwarding was through Blueberry Hill Communications.

The domain name ifpcs.org was obtained on 8/22/02.

Web forwarding was through Blueberry Hill Communications.

The IFPCS web site was moved to http://ifpcs.med.umn.edu on 4/5/04, due to a change in the web server.

Both ifpcs.org and ipcc.info were moved to Network Solutions. Registration was extended until 22-Aug-2013.

Lluis Montoliu substitutes Bill Oetting in the IFPCS webmaster tasks, as agreed by the IFPCS Council at the XXth IPCC in Sapporo (Japan), May 7-12, 2008. The IFPCS WEB site was moved to Dinahosting and put in service in its new hosting location in July 2008. The entire web interface was updated and renewed, with additional options.

A fully searchable and dynamic IFPCS Members database, built in MySQL, was prepared and released to public and members in December 2008. The list of IFPCS Members is made from the lists of members from each of the sister societies: ASPCR, ESPCR, JSPCR, PASPCR.

A new IFPCS web site has been scheduled for 2019, which will be developed by Lely Method, Science and Art Communication.